Wi-Fi Thermostats: Worth It?

In recent years modern tech has been making its way into our everyday devices; it seems tech developers are convinced that everything should be able to be controlled by our Smart Phones. And maybe they’re right. But do modern devices, such as a home’s thermostat, help us to be more economical? Do they make life more convenient?

When we talk about modern thermostats as being green, more efficient and more economical, know that any modern thermostat is probably twice as efficient as any top of the line non-programmable thermostat of twenty years ago. And one of the reasons that a programmable thermostat is so much better is its ability to be precise in regulating the temperature. The thermostats of yesteryear had small dials that were difficult to be consistent; for those that don’t remember, you changed the temperature almost by the feel of comfort than by degree. And that was fine, although there was some fiddling. But the major improvement of a programmable model is that you can set different temperature settings for different times of the day. You can have one setting for when you plan to be home and another for when you plan to be away. Now, a Wi-Fi Thermostat has the power for you to be able to tinker with the temperature from your devices. This means that when you leave from work you can turn on your home’s HVAC system with your Smart Phone. It also means that when you go on vacation and forget to program your thermostat, you can pull out your smart phone and adjust the settings.

If you are wondering if the tech to run a Wi-Fi Thermostat is difficult to operate, know that it is as simple as operating the simplest app on your smart phone. Of course, there is a small learning curve involved in getting the settings right, and making adjustments on the fly, but nothing that you can’t learn in a few minutes. If you would like one of these Wi-Fi Thermostats installed then make sure to call the experienced professionals at R and T Services today.