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Billings is a great place to live, but with the swing in outdoor temperatures that come between the Summer months and Winter months, your family may be looking for a way to choose the right temperature settings to keep your home comfortable while also saving energy (and reduce energy bills).

Finding the right thermostat temperature may seem like a delicate balance to find with your family, you may have some common questions about your thermostat, like:

  • What temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer?
  • What is a reasonable temperature for a house in winter?
  • What are the advantages of using a programmable thermostat?
  • Why is adjusting your thermostat good for the environment?
  • What temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer?
  • Can a ceiling fan help circulate air and reduce the need to turn up my HVAC system?
  • Can a programmable thermostat help me find the right temperature settings for my family?

Homeowners in Billings are always looking to reduce their energy usage- not only is this recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy because it helps the environment, but finding the right thermostat setting can result in significant energy savings throughout the year!

Although thermostat settings can sometimes be a point of contention in households since some people like different temperatures, they can actually be used effectively to help conserve energy, lower your utility bills, and be better stewards of the environment. Even though you may have to fight with your spouses or children to choose the right temperature, it is important that your family can agree on.

If you have lived in Billings for any amount of time then you know that the temperature drastically changes throughout the year. From the cold winter chills to the sweltering hot summers, you need to adjust your thermostat based on the weather and climate throughout the year.

Let’s look at a few of the best thermostat settings that can deliver the best possible balance of human comfort in the home and energy efficiency.

Not only is adjusting your thermostat throughout the year good for the environment but its also good for your wallet. So, what questions must be considered before deciding the proper thermostat settings in your home?

Having an AC thermostat is an important part of remaining comfortable throughout the hottest days of summer, but overworking your air conditioning unit is a quick way to run up your electricity bill in a matter of days.

To help lower your energy bills and be more sustainable, try setting your ac thermostat to 78 degrees. While this may sound warm, the key is to only set it at this level for the hot days in Billings that are warmer than 78 degrees.

This way, when you come inside from experiencing the hottest days of the summer, the temperature differential will hit you and provide almost instant relief.

By only making the air conditioning system work hard enough to lower the internal temperature of the house to 78 degrees, you will use far less energy and pay a much lower power bill each month.

When the temperature outside is less than 78 degrees, consider simply opening up some of the windows in your home and allowing some fresh air to cool your home. Opening windows at opposite ends of your home can lower your home’s temperature with a cross breeze.

Not only will a cross breeze lower your home’s temperature, but it will also make your home smell amazing while also lowing your energy bill.

What Is A Reasonable Temperature For A House In Winter?

Similar to how a home can have a higher internal temperature in the summer, the recommended thermostat settings for a home in the winter are slightly lower.

This is again because comfort in the home is not so much about hitting an ideal temperature year-round but instead providing a comfortable temperature differential between your home and the harsh cold of the outdoors.

All of this leads to recommended thermostat settings in the winter of 68 degrees. By having this set point at a lower number than most buildings, the heating system will not have to work as hard to maintain this temperature. There are also additional ways to naturally heat your home during the summer.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Programmable Thermostat?

A programmable thermostat is a great option for homeowners in Billings, MT because this type of thermostat can be used to automatically control the thermostat and temperature in your home. They are unique from more traditional thermostats in the sense that they can be programmed to adjust the temperature over time as opposed to needing a human interaction to change the temperature.

For example, a programmable thermostat can be set to turn off right as you’re leaving for work and turn back on just before you arrive home for work to ensure that it has enough time to either cool down or warm up the home.

The benefit to this is that not only are you still able to enjoy a comfortable home but you also no longer have to pay for heating or cooling while you are away from your home.

Additionally, because of how connected many devices are, simple changes to most thermostats can be made with just a few clicks on almost any smart device.

Why Is Adjusting Your Thermostat Good For The Environment?

All heating and cooling systems run on some type of fuel. Typically, this fuel is natural gas, electricity, or heating oil. Although you do not associate electricity as being bad for the environment, it is important to understand that fossil fuels are often used at a centralized power plant to generate electricity.

So, whether you’re cooling down or warming up your home, it is often due to the excessive use of fossil fuels which have negative impacts on the environment. While adjusting your thermostat throughout the year does not entirely eliminate their use, it can significantly reduce their use over time.

If everyone who is currently operating a heating and cooling system in their home right now decided to adjust their systems to these recommended thermostat settings, the number of fossil fuels used in this sector would be drastically lowered.

This would help lower demand for fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions which have been proven to have adverse impacts on the environment around us. Adjusting your thermostat is a small but important way that you can help to preserve the environment for generations to come.