Outdoor Grill Stations

Dreaming of an outdoor cooking oasis? We make Billings homeowner outdoor cooking station dreams a reality with our trusted custom-built grills!

Make A Statement With A Custom Backyard Grill

Billings homeowners know that Spring and Summer are the perfect time to host gatherings with family and friends. You could go with a regular grill for your next cookout, but you know there would be something missing. 

You work hard, and you deserve to have a custom barbecue grill that makes a statement!

A custom outdoor grilling station can be the perfect addition to the outdoor kitchen that you have been dreaming of, and the custom BBQ grill experts at R & T Services know how to bring your backyard to life.

You spend a lot of time and energy to make sure your backyard is the perfect place to host parties, relax with your family, or just to escape over the weekend. 

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Outdoor Cooking Stations Of Your Dreams

If you take pride in your backyard and you love to relax with family or host friends for gatherings, then you need a grill that represents your values. Our custom BBQ grills are the ideal choice for picky Billings homeowners who want their backyard to look perfect all year round. 

You can make an outdoor kitchen from the ground up as you choose from our assortment of outdoor grill islands to craft a unique custom BBQ grill. Our outdoor barbecue grills include built-in grill and weather-tight storage so you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come. 

We know that you want to build your outdoor kitchen around your cooking needs and the aesthetics of your outdoor living spaces, so we offer a range of custom grills based on powder-coated aluminum products to withstand the harsh temperatures of Billings. 

Custom Outdoor Pellet Grilling Stations

If you love the taste and smell of BBQ, then you will love your custom pellet BBQ grill. Along with the iconic scent and taste, our built-in custom pellet BBQ grills are easy to control and use advanced technology to maintain cooking temperatures to ensure your food is just right each time. 

Customers love building their custom outdoor kitchen around a wood pellet grill for many reasons, like: 

  • Unparalleled flavor capabilities when compared to other grilling options. 
  • Easy to use- you can adjust the cooking temperatures as needed. 
  • Wood pellets cost about the same as propane for gas grills. 
  • It creates less ash than charcoal grills while still offering exceptional taste and cooking abilities. 

Not all custom pellet grills are one-size-fits-all, so you should choose a custom pellet BBQ grill to suit your needs. For example, vertical pellet grills help retain the moisture of food while creating a smoky flavor. If you are looking for greater control over cooking time, then you should choose a pellet grill to make the perfect burger along with smoking meat to perfection in your backyard. 

Custom Outdoor Gas Grills

Gas grills are the most common type of grill owned by Billings homeowners because this type of grill is easy to control cooking temperatures and ignite the flame when needed. Our custom built gas grills offer a range of cooking capabilities, burner knobs, and other customizations that you can choose from to meet the demands of your family and neighborhood get-togethers. 

If you want a low-maintenance grilling solution, then you should talk with our outdoor kitchen experts about how you can incorporate a custom gas grill into your backyard design.

We can build your custom gas BBQ grill around existing structures like benches and even an outdoor fire pit! We can make your custom gas grill into stone structures to match your existing atmosphere to ensure your backyard looks great throughout the year!

What Are The Most Popular Outdoor Kitchen Grill Set Ups?

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Backyard BBQ Islands

This is the perfect outdoor cooking station if you want to grill up hotdogs and burgers for your friends. While you can make your outdoor grilling station as complex as you want with bar seating and countertops, most customers choose a backyard BBQ island because they are low-key and even great for special events!

Open Air Grill Islands

An open-air grilling station invites your guests to enjoy the authentic outdoor cooking experience. Typically, this type of custom backyard BBQ grill is built into your patio and allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape. This will help you entertain your guests, but you also have a full view of the surroundings so you can watch your kids and chat with your family as you cook your delicious meal!

Covered Outdoor Cooking Stations

If you are looking for the option to host gatherings in rain and shine, then you should consider building a custom outdoor grilling station under a covered pergola or another type of patio cover. This option is ideal for families who want to have an extension of their home. 

Our custom gas grills and outdoor pellet cooking stations are the perfect choices to bring more flavor to the table. You will love our high-quality BBQ grill materials because they will look amazing and last longer than a traditional grill. 

Billings Custom Outdoor Grill Experts

R & T Services is the best choice to install your custom outdoor cooking station. We have experience working with all types of outdoor living materials so we can set your outdoor kitchen is the perfect place anywhere in your backyard. 

We know what it takes to deliver the perfect custom BBQ grill to your home. Our outdoor kitchen experts can help you from start to finish with everything from planning, building, and maintaining the outdoor cooking station of your dreams!

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