Louvered Roof Patio Covers

Motorized louvered patio roofs are a great way to keep your patio cool and dry throughout the year. Rain or shine, we can make your patio amazing with our louvered pergola patio cover solutions!

Adjustable Louver Patio Covers For Your Home

Louvered patio covers are the perfect solutions for any homeowner who is looking to extend shared in a beautiful and practical way.

We offer premium, custom louvered pergola systems bring out the true beauty of your home while increasing the amount of weather-protected usable space for your family to enjoy. 

Our team of patio cover experts always engineer the louvered pergola roofs to meet building code requirements and each of our patio cover systems are designed to last for years to come.

Not only will your louver patio cover complement your home’s current architecture and exterior design, but you will also be protected by the best warranties in the industry. 

Installing a louvered roof patio cover that is uniquely yours is the perfect way to add value and functionality to your backyard is the perfect way to add some shade to your patio while improving the aesthetics of your outdoor patio.

These adjustable patio roofs embody the smart, thoughtful, and forward-thinking homeowners throughout Billings, MT. 

Our team of louvered roof patio cover experts at R & T Services offers modern-day pergola technologies that let you open, close, and pivot the pergola slats.

This means that your family will be able to enjoy the outdoors without the worry about rain, snow, or sun throughout the year. Imagine having full control of your backyard and patio seating areas whenever you have family or guests over.

Your new louvered pergola patio cover is the perfect choice for Billings homeowners looking to improve their house without costly investments along the way!

Home Owners Love Louvered Patio Covers

outdoor living patio coverings billings mt

Louvered patio covers are built to extend shade on your patio while maintaining the beauty and aesthetics of your current backyard living area.

In addition to increasing shade, you can also close the awning cover to make your backyard seating area usable in rainy weather. 

You have many options to choose from when looking for the smartest and most advanced louvered patio covers in Billings, MT.

While you may be tempted by other types of awnings, we know that you will love the benefits and beauty of our adjustable roof in our louvered roof patio covers. 

R & T Services has been working with Billings homeowners just like you for over 30 years to provide the best in home comfort.

Our louvered pergola patio coverings offer many benefits, including: 

  • Durable Materials: Our louvered pergola roofs are made from durable aluminum so your backyard patio awning system will last for years to come and stand up to the changing Billings seasonal weather conditions. 
  • Year-Round Protection: You will love how our adjustable pergola structures provide protection in rain and shine in the winter and summer months. 
  • Cost-Efficient: Our motorized louvered roof system is a cost-effective solution for homeowners and business owners. Due to the durable materials and design, you will enjoy your patio cover system for years to come. 
  • Total Control: Our louvered pergola roofs are controlled by a mobile app from your phone. This means that you won’t need special technologies to control your backyard living environment. 

Our team of outdoor living experts will build a smart and thoughtfully designed backyard patio setting that increases your livable space and help you and your family enjoy your outdoor experience. 

Smart Patio Covers For Billings Homeowners

As a homeowner, you already know that Billings is beautiful in all seasons throughout the year.

You also know that your outdoor living space and outdoor patio provide relaxation, dinner get-togethers, and weekend entertainment. 

Our local Billings louvered pergola patio cover installation team will walk you through each step from design, planning, and construction so you can get the most enjoyment from your outdoor space.

Our advanced patio covers will give you the freedom to spend time outdoors regardless of the rain.

The pivoting louvered system is controlled by an app that you can install on your phone!

What Homeowners Want To Know About A Louvered Roof System

As a local small business, we know how important it is to optimize usable space around your property.

Adding a pivoting-louver system to your outdoor seating space so your guests can enjoy even more outdoor seating with our durable system to block out hot sunlight during the day. 

Not only will you be able to host more patrons with additional outdoor seating, but you will also be able to increase your revenue at the same time!

Whether rain or shine, installing a smart pergola system will make your guests feel more comfortable during their dining experience. 

Our experts are standing by and ready to work with you to design and install a louvered roof system today!

What Material Are The Patio Covers Made From?

Our motorized louvered roof system is made from highly durable extruded aluminum with polyester TGIC paint coating.

The aluminum materials mean that your patio cover will last for years to come, and the TGIC paint coating stands up well to the cold Billings winter and hot summer temperatures.

How Does The Adjustable Louvered Roof Systems Work?

Our team will install your motorized patio cover system with louver blades that rotate as needed.

This system runs on a solar-powered motor that allows you and your family to adjust the blades to allow the exact amount of sunlight and shade that is needed throughout the day.

Do You Offer Different Shapes And Colors?

Yes! We will work with you to find the right shape, size, and color to fit your home’s backyard living space.

We work with the top louvered roof system provider to ensure you have the choices you need to cover your patio and backyard with the best options available in Billings, MT!

Are The Smart Patio Coverings Maintenance Free?

While your pergola system is virtually maintenance-free, you will need to keep up with minimal maintenance to take care of the electronics and motors used on your patio cover.

The good news is that the extruded aluminum and paint coating are made to last through the Billings heat and cold.

Can I Install Ceiling Fans On The Pergula System?

Yes, and many of our clients have installed their own fans to improve their outdoor living area.

The louvered roof system is strong enough to hold up the additional weight of a ceiling fan, along with other items like lights and sound systems. 

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