Living in Montana, where the cold season can feel long—some folks may not see the need in having an outdoor living space. An outdoor space built to suit may seem like something you’d see in the warm state of Florida, etc. But Montana is actually the perfect place for an outdoor space, and the main reason is the comfort of the warm seasons. We have long nights here in Montana in the late spring and throughout the summer, and we usually have a beautiful, comfortable fall.

Any outdoor space can be converted into an outdoor living space. A little space in the garden to situate a few chairs, grill, etc. is all you need. Square footage isn’t a limiting factor. So, if you’re sold on the idea for an outdoor living space, here’s a few ideas how to set one up.

Food is the cornerstone of every great get together. Which makes the need to have the perfect outdoor grill an absolute necessity. You can go as simple as a two-burner gas BBQ grill or charcoal, and you can go as big and fun as a built-in natural gas unit. It’s completely up to you, but luckily R and T Services has a whole host of options/models ready to choose.

So, you have the grill to cook the food, then how about a centerpiece, a place for everyone to gather. A fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard space. With R and T Services the sky is the limit for fire pit design. You can choose a fire pit made with brick, stone, sandstone, marble, and tile—among other building material options. You can choose the number of burners, fuels, lightning options, etc. Amazing the possibilities.

If you have any questions as to how R and T Services can help you achieve that outdoor space of your dreams, then call today. It may seem odd to discuss outdoor living when the temps are hovering below freezing, and the days are still short, but this is the time to plan—get a jump on being able to enjoy the time outdoors. Call R and T Services today.