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You put a lot of time and energy into making sure that your Billings home is perfect for your family. You keep your lawn watered and cut, you manicure your bushes and trees, and you put extra attention to make your outdoor seating area the perfect place to relax and host gatherings with friends and family.

Are you sick of missing a beautiful Billings day because it is too hot to sit outside? Do you wish you could spend time outdoors even if it looked like there was a light sprinkle coming in? What if you didn’t have to let random weather patterns or the sweltering sun stop you and your family from enjoying your patio any longer?

Well, now you can with a motorized louvered patio cover! Your new louvered roof system will bring numerous benefits to your home, family, and lifestyle like:

  1. The ability to spend more time outdoors.
  2. Create a space to have more enjoyment while outdoors.
  3. Adds tremendous value to your home.
  4. Protect your expensive outdoor seating furniture.
  5. Extend your seasons throughout the year!
  6. Live healthier by blocking harmful UV light.
  7. Stay dry and sheltered in almost any weather condition.

You can take full control of your patio seating area with a custom louvered roof patio cover from R & T Services. Transform your entire backyard into a comfortable space to relax, eat, or host a gathering with friends. With a touch of a button, your louvered patio cover will open and shut on demand to provide the ultimate shade/cover solution that you are looking for.

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Make your patio area the way you want it to be without having to bend to the impact of random weather patterns. No need to worry about massive umbrellas that blow away in the wind because your louvered roof patio cover will stand up to the harshest weather that Mother Nature can throw at it.

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your backyard to make your patio complete? You likely already know about the benefits of louvered roof systems, but you might have some questions keeping you from researching further.

The good news is that this guide will answer every question you have about louvered roof systems. We hope this guide helps you see the benefits and provides you with everything you need to know to begin the process of purchasing, installing, and enjoying a louvered patio cover today!

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What Is a Louvered Roof Patio Cover?

If you are not familiar with advanced patio covers, you may be wondering what a motorized louvered patio cover is. Well, a louvered patio cover is a smart shading system with functional and aesthetic features that fit any garden space.

As the name suggests, louvered roof systems are designed from the ground up to compliment your outdoor patio decoration and architecture. Unlike traditional covers, a louvered roof patio cover is motorized and uses an app to control the patio cover settings through your phone.

The roof’s framing structure uses blinds or shutters with angled horizontal slats to regulate air and light while blocking out rain and direct sunshine. In turn, homeowners can protect their outdoor appliances, furniture, and pets while enjoying the optimal use of their outdoor space.

Design Options for Louvered Roof Systems

Our beautiful louvered roof patio cover is designed with sleek, streamlined features that can blend well any architectural home design. This is essential because Billings homeowners who buy a louvered pergola roof for their patio tend to have a highly developed sense of style and independence.

You can choose the color, design, and size of the louvered roof patio cover based on your home’s exterior paint, outdoor paving design, and even furniture. This all means that your patio cover will look fantastic and compliment the outdoor decorations that you already have around your backyard.

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These covers are available in different materials and slat sizes, allowing for up to 1600 motion range for any roofing system, and here are some of the most popular roof styles and add-ons that customers choose for their louvered roof system:

1. Flat Roofs

The flat roofs are the most popular designs due to their larger span and easy of blending with the many garden designs. Here, the louvers have a flat base with the blades rotating by 180 degrees. Hence, they create a contemporary flat roof that covers an increased span when closed.

2. Sloping Roofs

Sloping or skillion roofs feature a free-standing or attached flat roof with a pitched angle from the central ridge. This type of roofing creates extra space below the cover. This extra space fills with air, improving the heating and cooling patterns in the patio. Also, it requires fewer materials to build, keeping the maintenance cost low.

3. A-Frame Roofs

A-frame roofs comprise two symmetrical beams arranged to touch at the top at a 45 degree or larger angle. In turn, these roofs are wide-reaching than the other types of motorized louvered patio covers.

4. Box Frame Roofs

Box frame roofs feature in steel or timber framed patios. Alternatively, homeowners can use rendered bricks to create a final premium look.

5. Curved Beams

Curved beams work best for properties with curved features. Here, the cross-section of the beams remains symmetrical along its curvature.

6. Screens

Homeowners can install motorized louvered patio covers vertically to create a privacy screen for the deck. These privacy screen louvers use adjustable blades that run horizontally. They are excellent for patios that are wall extensions of a penthouse.


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What’s The Difference Between Louvered Roof Systems vs. Awning vs. Pergolas

Louvered patio covers are the most advanced backyard solutions for your home because you have full control over your outdoor seating area. Unlike other options out there, your louvered cover can be adjusted to let all or no direct rays from the sun through the roof slats.

Unlike an awning that only opens or closes, a louvered roof opens to your desired angle, adjusting the shade or sunshine you want. Likewise, unlike pergolas that stay open throughout, a louvered roof system can close shut to imitate solid deck covers.

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With such capabilities, you can now extend your outdoor space, or add more protection from the harsh sun and hot weather. There are no more limitations to using the garden space when it is raining or scorching hot.

The beauty of louvered roofs makes them a popular backyard centerpiece in many homes. There are many ways to improve your outdoor space like painting your home’s exterior over a weekend, but you can also add lots of value by installing a beautiful pergola to expand your outdoor space. 

When you live in humid areas that experience, unpredictable weather, this roofing system gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty and view of your outdoors healthily and comfortably. It creates an additional living space for dining, study, exercise, or relaxing with the family.

The History Of Louvered Patio Covers

Louvered pergola roof systems are relatively new, with the first generation of louvered roofs introduced in the 1980s in Australia. These early versions of the louvered roof patio cover system featured steel coils on pivot louvers. The loops allowed the louvers to turn up to 12 inches without bending.

It was only until the early 2000s that homeowners in the USA started using the louvered roofs for their backyards and patio seating areas. The pioneer louvers were on window blinds and shutters in large kitchens.

These technological advancements helped keep sunlight from entering the kitchen and allowed air to flow into the home to keep the interior well ventilated.

The manufacturers in the USA upgraded the roofs from steel to aluminum and created bottom pivot or center pivot designs. We now have these motorized pergolas, open roofs, or adjustable patio covers providing shades over backyard hot tubs, pool areas, or other garden spaces.

How Does a Louvered Patio Roof System Work?

Whether you are redoing your patio or building a fresh one this summer, you can opt for a modern look of the louvered roof patio cover. Not only do motorized louvered patio covers improve the quality of time you spend outdoors, but they also increase the amount of time you can enjoy the beautiful Billings weather as it protects you from harmful sun and weather conditions.

The louvered roof patio cover uses louvers to provide an adjustable shade- these are rotating slats (similar to blinds that you have in your home). These louvers are commonly crafted from aluminum, glass, wood, or metal, horizontal slats that lie at a certain angle to allow light and air in and limit excessive heat and rain.

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With modern technology, you can not control the angle that the louvers sit at with an app connected to your mobile phone. You can easily adjust the angles, but you can also even schedule the louvers to move throughout the day to automatically protect your patio furniture from harmful UV light.

For an adjustable angle motorized louvered patio covers, the slats rotate up to a full 180 degrees with a push of a button on the remote control. Other covers are programmable to connect with weather sensors.

This means the sensors can automatically adjust to current weather outside, so your home is protected even if you are running errands or out of town on vacation.

As the louvers close, they become superior rain channels. In the event of sudden showers, these rain channels will direct the precipitation towards the sides to spill over. Due to their thick gauge aluminum make, these louvers remain rust-free for years.


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What Are The Benefits Of A Louvered Patio Cover?

When you live in an area like Billings, MT that is known for strong winds, scorching sun, or sporadic showers, a louvered patio roof system allows you to get the best of your indoor and outdoor worlds.

You can simulate your study or living room in your patio. Then, in seconds, adjust the roofing to give you the ambiance you want despite the prevailing weather. For this, here are seven benefits of the motorized louvered patio covers.

1. Spend More Time Outdoors

The obvious benefit of installing a louvered patio cover in your home is that you can enjoy your backyard and patio without worrying about changing weather patterns. This is because a louvered roof allows homeowners to have outdoor amenities that match their indoor themes.

You can easily adjust the angle of the cover, to move with the position of the sun. For those chilling mornings, the homeowners can leave the louvers open to soak in the minimal sunshine.

And, for party die-hards, the louvered roof allows for great entertainment in the outdoors. Hold an outdoor party as it rains or adds some lighting effects to the patio, knowing that they are safe. This roofing system extends the indoor feeling to the outdoors and brings out the best for families, friends, and Billings homeowners looking to get the most out of their homes!

2. Create Space for More Quality Time Outdoors

For all the creative minds out there, the louvered patio roofs facilitate an outdoor space that boosts energy to bring out the creativity for homeowners and friends.

Picture the warmth of the built-in firepit and its glowing ambient light at the louvered patio. A floral display during the day and candle lights at night while relaxing at a built-in bar or dining area.

You can forget about making multiple trips indoors for refills. All these features that extend quality time in the outdoors are possible with louvered patios.

3. Add Value to Your Home

As per the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey, residential architects insist that consumers list patios and other outdoor amenities as their number 1 “special function” room for seven consecutive years.

Homeowners want to get the most out of their next real estate purchase, and this means that you can add a wow factor to their properties by installing a louvered pergola.

Such versatile and modern features have a curb appeal vital in creating that first impression necessary to make a sale. Besides, having a patio in your home increases the living space at a budget-friendly price!

4. Protect Your Furniture

A typical louvered patio cover uses a robust steel frame and powder-coated aluminum blades that last for decades. This sturdy construction means that the edges are corrosion and rust-resistant. Its overall lightweight withstands strong winds.

Plus, an integrated gutter system will carry all the water away from pounding rain. You no longer have to worry about flooding, pooling, or structural damage. Unlike an awning that can break after a few years, this cover looks modern and fresh for generations.

Hence, for years, you no longer have to drag your expensive furniture and other amenities each time the weather changes. At a click of a button, you can have your valuable property safe under closed motorized louvered patio covers and trust that the shade will safeguard your outdoor investment.

5. Extend Your Seasons

There are at least four ways to extend outdoor living with louvered pergola:

  • Use the louvered roof as insulation for a built-in fireplace or overhead heater
  • Adjust the lighting to create the look you want
  • Use the closed louvers to stay out when temperatures drop. Open it up to bask in the sun when the hot summers arrive
  • Utilize a hot tub under the louvered pergola for that needed warmth when it gets cold

6. Live Healthier by Blocking UV Light

Louvered pergola allows users to block the UV light, not the view from the roof. They operate like sunglasses for the patio. Hence, they prevent glare and any heat build-up in the deck. The louvers do this by redirecting the sunlight irrespective of the sun’s position in the sky.

7. Stay Dry & Sheltered

The louvered pergola uses a battery-powered motorized system to close or open as desired. In turn, you can keep the patio safe from hot or cold breezes. This roofing system pairs with weather sensing technology to keep the furniture and other amenities dry and warm.

When Is the Best Time to Use a Louvered Roof Systems?

There is no time restriction on installing and using louvered pergola. This all-weather facility will remain open on a moderate day and closed on a rainy day. The roofing system has sufficient gutters to repel rainwater.

Now is the perfect time to talk to our louvered patio cover experts to learn how to master the outdoor weather systems and keep your family healthy and happy today!
The louvered pergola is a flexible roofing system that adapts to the weather habits at any location. This system has weather-sensitive sensors that allow the patio to withstand any weather change.

The louvers are available in versatile colors, styles, and materials to suit any modern home. Now, you can control the elements using the remote options at your fingertips. The shading system works well with lighting, sound, and heating systems for that ultimate outdoor experience.

The lighting and blind integration attributes keep the occupants safe from harsh UV rays. Plus, its ability to work on solar power means that any homeowner can increase their property value at a discount.

Talk to our team today about how to find the perfect louvered patio cover for your backyard today!

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Louvered Roof System FAQs

What is a louvered roof?

A louvered roof system is a patio covering that can be opened and closed. This type of patio roof is adjustable depending on the temperature, weather, and your preferences.

Does a pergola add value to a home?

Yes! Outdoor renovations often help increase your home’s value. A pergola patio roof can make a big difference for potential buyers because it increases the area of enjoyable space throughout the home. 

What is the point of having a louvered roof system?

A louvered roof system or pergola patio roof provide sitting areas on your backyard that allows for breeze and sunlight while protecting against the direct rays of the sun.