Custom Outdoor Fire pits

Outdoor fire pits are the #1 addition to backyards and patios. See how our experts can help you find the right size and shape for your home today! 

Extend Your Season With A Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

No matter the season, Billings can get cold even during Spring nights. What if you could add warmth to your outdoor living space that would allow your family to enjoy the outdoors and your comfy outdoor furniture no matter the season?

When you add a high-quality, custom-made firepit, also known as custom fire pits, to your outdoor space, you provide warmth, ambiance, and light for you and your guests to enjoy long after the warm evenings of summer have passed.

Does your brick patio, gazebo, or outdoor living space need a touch of luxury and romance? Are you looking to avoid DIY disasters and have experts help with fireplace design, installation, and firepit landscaping?

If so, then look no further because our custom fire pit experts are here to help you upgrade your home and extend your living areas with our amazing outdoor living additions!

The Benefits Of Installing An Outdoor Firepit

An outdoor fire pit is the centerpiece of a luxurious, well-designed outdoor living space. It provides a gathering space for families and guests to roast marshmallows and make memories on cool evenings.

They are as iconic as a custom BBQ grill when it comes to entertaining outdoors.

Custom firepits, or custom designed fire pits, offer the additional perk of elevating your outdoor living space and creating cohesion in the design. Imagine the looks on your guest’s faces at your next outdoor gathering when they lay eyes on your custom-designed firepit.

Homeowners have the ability to design their fire pit to enhance their space regardless of the size of your yard or patio. Custom-designed fire pits offer unique benefits:

  • High-quality materials, such as stainless steel and natural stone
  • A choice between gas-burning firepits and wood-burning firepits
  • An expert design and installation team to ensure your firepit enhances your home’s outdoor living space
  • Meet CSA standards
  • A warranty to protect the homeowner

What To Look For In A Custom Designed Firepit

Custom-made firepits are designed to match and enhance the existing style of your outdoor living space. Homeowners can choose from a variety of materials, as well as the location and size of their firepit.

When custom designing a firepit, our HVAC experts and custom fire pit professionals will help you choose the correct material, location, and size before their team of fire pit installers arrive. They will also assist in enhancing the landscape around the new centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

Here are a few items that you need to consider when choosing the best fire pit for your outdoor living space.

  • The Highest Quality Fire Pit Materials: You will need to think about what you want your fire pit made out of before the fire pit is installed. Installers and design teams use EFIS (Dryvit), Bridger Steel metal for structure work, and granite, concrete, or metal for the tops of BBQ grill islands and firepits. It’s common to combine these materials to suit the unique needs of your space and lifestyle.
  • The Ideal Location Of The Firepit: You will need to think about where installing your fire pit makes the most sense for get-togethers. You will need to place the fire pit in a different location if you want to host large parties compared to if you want an intimate location to relax and enjoy.
  • The Best Fuel Source For The Fire Pit: Custom-made fire pits are available with a wide variety of fuel sources. This means that you can choose traditional firewood fire pits, or a natural gas, most commonly propane, outdoor fire pit. The best fuel source for you depends on how much work you want to put into maintaining your firepit.

Traditional Vs Modern: Should You Choose A Stone Or Steel Firepit?

When designing your custom firepit, it’s important to consider the materials for optimal function and design. Modern firepits are often made from metal materials, while traditional firepits are essentially outdoor fireplaces in your own backyard.

Custom firepits can be made of galvanized stainless steel or natural materials, such as brick and stone. Unique firepits often blend the two materials for an interesting look.

Each design has its benefits, but choosing between the two can be challenging. Take a look at what each type of firepit offers.

Stone Fire Pits

Stone fire pits, or stone firepits, are often permanent installations. While they require more work to maintain, these outdoor fireplaces emit and retain more heat than other models. They also create a large visual impact and instantly add luxury to any outdoor living area.

The stones used for outdoor firepits are also weather resistant. They will not rust or wear with use. Outdoor stone fire pits will provide a warm comforting space for your family for years to come.

Steel Fire Pits

Steel fire pits are very popular, and with good reason. They’re weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, and less expensive than their stone counterparts. They can offer a pleasing aesthetic, customizable patina, and are quite low maintenance.

Modern Fire Pits

Modern firepits are often ma can also be designed to be moveable, making them a great choice if you may redo your landscaping in the future. They can utilize natural gas, such as propane, or wood for fuel.

Professional Fire Pit Installations

R & T Services offers custom fire pits to help your family relax and entertain together! We have been serving the Billings area for over 30 years, and our professional fire pit designers will work with you from start to finish to build the outdoor fire pit of your dreams. Our expert team of fire pit installers will bring your designs to life as we build the fire pit around your existing outdoor area.

R & T Services is proud to offer the highest quality fire pit services in Billings, MT. We will work with you to custom design your dream firepit and select the best materials for your space, and then install the fire pit on time and within budget.

Visit our online store and contact us today for more information about our fire pit offers. Our team is always available to provide you with a personalized consultation!

Custom Fire Pits FAQs

Are fire pits dangerous?
A properly designed and installed fire pit that is used and maintained correctly is not dangerous to homeowners. Be sure to ask your fire pit experts how to best use and care for your custom-designed fire pit.
How much do custom firepits cost?
The cost varies depending on the model, materials, and fuel source. No matter the cost, a firepit adds value and comfort to any home.
Do fire pits need burner pans or fire bowls?
Depending on the type of custom fire pit you choose, they are recommended, but not required.

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