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Upgrade To An Energy Efficient Wood Insert

When the thermometer starts to dip in Billings, Montana, and the surrounding areas, homeowners reach for their favorite feature in their home: their fireplace.

You may have a stone surround or stainless steel front, but your fireplace is the pride and joy of your home. Nothing can beat the beautiful glow and warm comfort on a frigid winter day, no matter what type of fireplace you have in your living space.

If your home isn’t set up for a gas fireplace, or you prefer to smell and hear the logs burning, your wood-burning fireplace adds a heat source to keep your home warm and cozy.

But what if your existing wood fireplace is drafty and open? This means you aren’t adding as much heat to your living space as you would like.

The best solution for updating your existing fireplace is to install a wood insert from R & T Services.

This fireplace installation method is less time-consuming than installing freestanding stoves or completely revamping your existing fireplace.

Our Billings fireplace experts have been working with Billings homeowners for decades and can quickly gauge which model will work best for your needs.

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Upgrade to a energy-efficient wood stove insert today!

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Choose The Right Fireplace Insert For Home

Billings, Montana, is a unique place to live. In the summer months, you crave air conditioning after hiking in Pioneer Park or spending the day at ZooMontana.

But once winter hits, you want a heat source that won’t let you down. Your existing fireplace may not be heating your room like it used to.

Between drafts in your chimney to malfunctioning blowers, you need to update your fireplace to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable as winter settles over Billings.

Installing a fireplace insert is the best way to bring ambiance and efficiency to your living space. Here are the different types of fireplace inserts you can choose from:

  • Wood Stove: A wood-burning insert uses seasoned firewood to create a comforting, traditional flame. It creates a classic ambiance and fills your home with the unique scent of a wood fire.
  • Gas Stoves: Using a gas log set or fire glass, a gas fireplace insert requires natural gas, like propane, to start a flame. So your home must have gas lines for this insert to work.
  • Pellet Stoves: This type of fireplace insert uses small, pounded wood pellets to generate heat. To keep the fire burning, you’ll need storage space to keep a stock of pellets on hand.

A wood-burning stove insert is a more economical way to update your existing fireplace and transform it into a modem, energy-efficient heat source. You can chop and cure wood from your own property or purchase it from a local retailer.

From modern to traditional, cast iron or stainless steel, R & T Services offers everything you need to choose, purchase, and install the right wood insert for your home.

We are an authorized dealer for some of the biggest brand names in Billings.

We offer free consultations where our technicians will measure your existing fireplace to ensure you choose the model with the correct dimensions.

Additionally, you can use the FireBuilder app to help you design the perfect wood-burning fireplace insert for your home.

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Upgrade to a energy-efficient wood stove insert today!

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Trust R & T Services With All Your Fireplace Needs

If your existing fireplace just isn’t heating your living space like it used to, it may be time to replace it. Installing a wood insert is the most cost-effective way to bring warmth and comfort into your home. 

R & T Services can help you choose the right fireplace insert for your living room or outdoor living space. Our fireplace experts have over thirty years of experience serving the residents of Billings, as well as the surrounding areas. 

We are proud to present The Fireplace Center. Located at 2494 Enterprise Ave, Billings, MT 59102, it’s a fully stocked showroom featuring all the fireplace options available to our customers. 

So contact us today to set up a free consultation and visit our showroom to find the best fireplace for your home.

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Billings Wood Inserts & Stoves FAQs

What are the best thermostat settings for winter?

68-70 degrees when at home and 65 degrees when away or sleeping are the best thermostat settings for winter.

How can I improve the air quality in my home?

Improve the air quality in your home by doing a deep cleaning, having your fireplace and HVAC professionally serviced annually, and cleaning your air ducts.

How much does a wood fireplace insert cost?

Depending on the make, model, and style, fireplace inserts can cost between $3,000 – $6,000.

Have Questions About A Wood Insert Or Stove?

Our team is here to help you with all of your wood insert or stove needs. 

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