As the weather warms up in Billings, you might be thinking about getting out of the house and inviting your friends and family over to spend some time outside. However, as the snow begins to melt, you may realize that your backyard is not ready to host anyone.

How can you get your home ready to host gatherings this Spring and Summer without breaking the bank?

Most homeowners don’t have a lot of money for major renovations, but there is simple backyard living ideas that can help. Here are five low-cost outdoor space design tips that will transform your backyard and welcome guests in style. Let’s dive in and take a look at the top 5 ways that you can improve your backyard and outdoor living spaces even if you are on a budget!

1. Add a Splash of Color to Your Patio

You will be amazed at how adding a pop of color to your outdoor living space will change the mood in the area. One of the easiest ways is to choose a unique color for the ceiling on your porch or other outdoor seating areas.

When your porch walls have painted a color that is different from the ceiling, it subtly adds depth.

Even neutral wall colors can be offset with a pastel hue on the ceiling, which adds movement to your outdoor seating area and allows you to create an inviting environment. It will bring a refreshing vibe to your space.

Also, you may choose to tie your patio colors to your surrounding landscape. In this way, nature will influence your outdoor living spaces ideas.

Choosing an arrangement of flowers around your outdoor seating areas can add a splash of color and natural beauty for your guests to enjoy. You can coordinate your flowers and wall/ceiling color to ensure your outdoor living area is beautiful and enjoyed.

Whether you choose to use it as a paint color on the walls or as furniture accents on upholstery, it will give great interest to space.

Another great outdoor space design that incorporates a visual effect with color is using patterns throughout your patio area. Combining patterns and solids attracts the eye. Using unexpected colorful fixtures and accessories will uplift your space as well.

2. Heat Up Your Outdoor Space

While Billings, MT has hot summer days, homeowners also know that the evenings can reach chilly temperatures. If you want to extend the time that guests can enjoy your outdoor living area is to add a heating solution like a custom firepit or a custom grill.

There are some smart and affordable outdoor heating solutions available, and your guests are sure to love the ambiance and heat custom outdoor heating solutions offer.

These devices stand tall and provide small spaces with adequate warmth, especially when you are entertaining family and friends for a dinner party. A different source of heat for your patio is a hot tub.

No matter the time of year, a person can enter this bubbly unit for some quick warmth. In the process, you can sit, relax, soothe some achy muscles, and make the most of your outdoor space design.

3. Make Your Deck Furniture More Welcoming

To make your exterior space as welcoming as possible, you should concentrate on your deck or patio furniture. For ultimate coziness, you should select pieces that have overstuffed cushions because they help your guests relax and lounge out while enjoying our outdoor living area. Around your patio dining table, it is best to use chairs with flat seats and straight backs.

This will keep your guests comfortable throughout a meal. To add personality and unique comfort, decorate with a swing, and some of the trendiest outdoor living spaces ideas are egg-shaped swings.

They fit one person and add a relaxing touch of coziness. For a more traditional feel, a wooden porch swing is always a smart idea. To provide a welcoming appearance, make sure to add plenty of pillows and soft cushions.

While choosing your patio furniture, remember that it is important to use fabrics that are washable and waterproof since they will need to stand up to the weather throughout the Spring and Summer in Billings, MT.

4. Add Mood Lighting for Nighttime Gatherings

Some of the most often overlooked backyard living ideas involve lighting. When you enjoy entertaining at night, lighting is essential so you and your guests can keep the conversations going even after the sun sets.

Recessed lighting on the ceiling and deck posts are simple to install and offer just the right “glow” in your patio area. All of these lighting options are great to keep your outdoor living area beautiful and increase the functionality of your patio area for guests.

Hanging string lights is one of the most affordable outdoor living spaces ideas, especially when you are hosting a party. String lights are available in a variety of colors and evoke feelings of fun and merriment.

5. Place Overhangs to Add Shade for Hot Days Outside

No one enjoys fighting the heat and glare of the sun, especially when trying to enjoy some time on the patio. To make your space more welcoming, it is wise to add some overhangs to your outdoor living space to keep out of the direct sun.

Not everyone can enclose a patio with a roof, but there are some backyard living ideas that create a respite from the sun. An attractive option is a pergola overhang. This filters sunlight and brings architectural beauty to your area.

To create the sense of a secret garden paradise, consider hanging Wisteria from the pergola. Also, it is possible to install a fabric canopy over your deck area. It is essential to choose a material that resists fading.

Use Some Low-Cost Outdoor Living Solutions For Your Home!

The above outdoor living spaces ideas are sure to bring a welcoming touch to your area. Without spending a fortune, you can improve the function and vibe of your deck.

When it comes time to relax outside or to entertain on your patio, any of these tips will increase comfort, beauty, and utility to your area.