There are numerous modern devices that can help to save more money on energy bills. One of these, the wireless thermostat, is both effective and efficient, and simple to install. Not every new thermostat, however, is going to be highly efficient, although most modern thermostats are considerably more efficient than older models. A wireless thermostat’s efficiency comes in its ability to have the temperature changed immediately and remotely. It can be changed remotely because, like most modern devices, it can be connected to your home’s wireless router, and then it can talk with other devices connected to this network. Using your phone, tablet, or computer you can quickly and easily access the thermostat and make changes to the temp.

It may seem unnecessary to have this type of convenience, but consider this scenario: you work 40 hrs. each and every week, and all that time you spend away at work your HVAC system continues to warm/cool your home. So, what if you could program your thermostat to heat/cool the house less when you leave the house, and then turn up the heat/cool air once you’re on your way home. Yes, most programmable thermostats can handle this type of programming. But then consider when you leave town for an emergency, or you are going to be away for work and you’ve forgotten to change the thermostat’s programming. With the wireless thermostat you can quickly and easily make changes to the thermostat’s program on the fly.

A wireless thermostat is going to be simple to maintain, and it’s even simple to setup. If you can operate an app on your smart phone or tablet, you can easily handle the programming of your thermostat. And a wireless thermostat is not difficult to install, although if you do need an HVAC professional at R and T Services to both install a new wireless thermostat and show you how to use it efficiently, then call today.