Aside from the obvious differences—one type of fireplace burns wood and the other burns gas that’s pumped through a gas line into the home—there are definite pros and cons to both using and maintaining the different types of fireplaces.

Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas, in comparison to other types of fuels, burns somewhat cleanly. Also, natural gas is used periodically; fires in the gas fireplace are predictable and burn at regular rates. Also, a gas fireplace can simply be turned on—a modern convenience that does put it a step ahead of the wood fireplace—but, this convenience also comes with the caveat that during a power outage the gas fireplace requires electricity to start (the type of gas fireplace inserts that do not have a standing pilot light), no longer work—unfortunately.


If your home does not yet have a chimney installed then a gas fireplace wins out in functionality and cost. A gas fireplace can simply be vented to the outside with an exhaust—the exhaust can be installed to an external wall or up through the roof. It’s, usually, much less of an invasive building process to vent natural gas than it is to install a chimney to vent smoke from a wood-burning fire.

Financial Cost

Wood is relatively cheap, although if you plan to light fires with any regularity you will need a space to store the extra wood. The cheapness of the fuel itself, however, does come with the cost of hauling—possibly chopping—the wood, and this can lead to more time spent.


There is nothing like a wood burning fire on a cold night. A wood burning fire gives off a warm ambience that simply cannot be mimicked; it’s something, possibly primal, about the crackling of wood and the glowing embers. That isn’t to say, however, that a gas fireplace isn’t beautiful. R and T Services can help you install a gas fireplace insert that’s both comforting and, at the same time, incredibly beautiful.

If you have any questions as to a new fireplace—or if you would like a new insert in your existing fireplace—call and speak with the fireplace professionals at R and T Services today.