Furnace Filters: Find the Perfect Filter for Your System

There is nothing exciting about furnace filters, but choosing the right furnace filter for your needs is very, very important to the air quality and comfort within your home. Here’s a few of the options you’ll find when you go to purchase the filter to prep your HVAC system for the fall and the soon-to-come winter season.

Disposable Fiberglass and Disposable Pleated filters are found in the aisles of every home store, everywhere. These types of filters are the most ubiquitous simply because they are the cheapest. And they do get the job done, but there are some drawbacks—you do get what you paid for. First, these filters work fine for most furnaces, although they will collect little of the allergens and small detritus that get pumped invisibly through a system. Pet dander and other allergens easily pass through and circulate throughout the home. The disposable fiberglass filter does offer really good air circulation within the HVAC system, however, some pleated fiberglass filters are built somewhat dense and could cause that air circulation, within the furnace itself, to be somewhat choked.

Disposable electrostatic and permanent electrostatic are two quality filters for those ok with spending a little more—although in the case of the disposable, not too much more—because they will collect the smaller particles, including some of the allergens and pet hair. Amazingly, these filters can also be cleaned for several years after they’ve initially been installed.

The high-efficiency pleated furnace filter is the top choice for those wanting the very best in clean air. Hospitals use these types of filters to limit the chance that someone with an autoimmune disorder will have difficulty, among other reasons. There is little to no air leakage around a high-efficiency furnace filter.

If you have any questions about furnace filters, or would like to schedule a consultation to speak with a professional about your personal system, or need an experienced professional to clean and care for your system before the furnace season starts, then call R and T Services today.