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What people are saying…

Cold weather and a non working furnace is not a good situation so I called R&T Services. There was talk about replacing my old furnace, but then they decided that my furnace was a good brand that had a reputation of lasting a longer than others. So they repaired the one I have. That was two years ago and I am looking forward to another comfortable winter.” Paul S.

We recently purchased an Infinity High Efficiency Furnace and a Carrier High Efficiency Air Conditioner for our home from R&T Services. We were very impressed with the professional sales process, the quality of the product and the professional installation. We also were pleased that we saved over $2,000. from the competitors bid. We strongly recommend Jason Lindsay and R&T Services for your heating and cooling needs.” Mike S.

Thank you for a job well done. Installers very curious and they know how to do a great installation. I was treated very fairly. Jason responded very quickly to my service call after installation and solved the problem. Great service, great product on new heating and air condition system.” Raymond S.

I had a Great experience with R&T services. The price was RIGHT and the system they installed is Great. The men that installed the equipment were very professional and accommodating. Thanks R&T for keeping me cool this summer.” Norma N.