R&T Services Custom Firepits

R&T Services Custom Firepits

Giving the good ‘ol Bar-B-Que a run for it’s money, firepits are currently the #1 addition to backyards and patios. They can be as simple as ready-to-go gas fired models that only need a fuel line hook-up, or more elaborate models with custom containers in various shapes and sizes.

Design meets functionality with firepits from R&T Services. The sky’s the limit with customizing options that include non-combustible materials such as brick, tile, sandstone, marble or granite. Other options include the size and number of burners, choice of fuels and built-in lighting for additional nighttime illumination.

R&T Services offers professional installation, but the most important thing for us is to ensure our customers receive the best information and advice to get their firepit hooked-up safely and properly.

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