It’s springtime in Montana, which means that the furnaces throughout the Billings area will be able to take a needed rest until fall, but the energy problems we faced throughout the winter—drafts, high energy bills, etc.—still accompany us throughout the warmer months. A home’s cooling system is just as likely to be ineffective as the furnace, or at the very least inefficient, if problems are not corrected. One of the simplest changes a homeowner can make to both increase the efficiency of their heating/cooling system and save money on energy bills, be greener, etc., is to install a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is effective, first and foremost, because it can be programmed to either turn on or off at certain times—temps can be adjusted for the times when a homeowner is away at work, and for when he or she plans to arrive at home. You don’t want to have to cool the entire home all at once; this doesn’t mean that you program the cooling system to cool the entire house all at once, but that the temps are kept at a more reasonable level, and then increased/decreased just before people arrive. Yes, manual thermostats can be set in a similar way, but they can’t be set until people are already home.

If you wish to change a thermostat it’s not an overly difficult process, although some of the setting can be a bit confusing for someone not accustomed. To change the thermostat remember to turn off the electricity to the box—it’s very important that there is not electricity at all running to the old thermostat before you disassemble it—and then follow the directions in the manual. If you are concerned about working with electricity, or if you would like a professional who can both install and then program your thermostat, then call the professionals at R and T Services today.