Here in Montana folks suffer from a variety of different allergens; cottonwoods and other tree pollen, grass pollen, and cut hayfields all fluctuate throughout the season. Usually the tree pollen and flower allergies happen in the springtime and the grass pollen/ag-irritators circulate later in the summer. For the allergen sufferer, it can sometimes be maddening. But what can an allergy sufferer do to lessen the impact of seasonal allergies? First, everyone, whether an allergy-sufferer or not, should replace the filter in their appliances. That air cooling unit that keeps the afternoon summer temperatures bearable could also be the culprit for a severe reaction to seasonal allergens. You could also choose a hepa-type filter to limit the allergens allowed inside the home. But whatever filter you use the most important thing about it is that it gets replaced—or cleaned—whenever it’s dirty. An inefficient filter will fail at keeping out allergens, and it will also work less efficiently, overworking your air-cooling unit and costing more to operate.

Remember also to replace your furnace’s filter before you fire up that furnace again this fall. Any of the allergens that were in the air in the springtime may still be trapped in the old furnace filter. Replacing the filter is both inexpensive and simple; buy a pack of three filters and put a reminder into the calendar on your phone to use them at regular intervals.

It’s also important to remember to have your furnace/air cooling unit routinely inspected by the experienced professionals at R and T Services; and, if you need a new furnace/air cooling unit that operates efficiently, R and T Services can also help with that. Like any appliance, if it’s well-maintained it will operate more efficiently—it will be less costly to operate. And an experienced HVAC professional may be able to diagnose problems before they even occur.

If you have any questions about the efficiencies of a modern-day furnace or air cooling unit, then make sure you contact the professionals at R and T Services today.