With the fall and eventual winter quickly approaching, you should know about a few of the services offered by the professionals at R and T Services.

Fireplaces: Traditional and Modern

You only need to take a look at the gallery on the website to know that R and T Services has a professional and a seemingly artfully creative touch when it comes to fireplace design. R and T Services understands that a fireplace is wonderful thing to have in the home; they know that it takes time and effort to help determine the perfect fireplace for the home, and will make the concerted effort to determine, with the customer, the perfect model.


R and T Services also offers experienced professional HVAC services. Not only can R and T Services provide you with a new HVAC system, but also the expertise needed to keep your own furnace functioning throughout the cold season. It’s the time of year when you should call R and T Services to perform a routine checkup on your HVAC system. Preventative maintenance is absolutely important to keeping your furnace up and running, and efficient. The costs involved to maintain a furnace are considerably less than to fix a furnace when it breaks. An HVAC technician at R and T Services will be able to determine that the components within the furnace are all working correctly, and replace the components when one is working inefficiently—or it shows signs that it could soon break. Amazingly, the smallest component within a furnace has a complex relationship to the entire appliance, so when that one component goes bad or wears down prematurely it can have adverse effects on everything. Also, an inefficient furnace burns more fuel than one that is well-maintained. And an inefficient furnace will likely burn up and go bad or break well before—years even—a well-maintained furnace will.

If you have any questions as to how R and T Services can help you get through the winter months more comfortably, or to how, through the expertise and experience of interior design, can help transform the inside of your home, then call today.