Welcome to 2018! Billings has had quite the cold winter so far, with temps dropping well below zero on several occasions. Hopefully your furnace is operating reliably and efficiently, that it’s keeping you warm and comfortable.

Most furnaces, especially those furnaces that are serviced prior to the winter months, operate reliably throughout the season, but sometimes problems can arise. And here are a few of the most common.

A clogged or inefficient air filter is a problem. When an air filter is clogged, the furnace will turn on, then run for a few minutes, and then turn off, prematurely. Of course, when a furnace does not complete an entire cycle, it could also be a sign of other problems; but a clogged air filter is the most common.

A broken or incorrectly programed thermostat is responsible for most furnace problems. Oftentimes a solution is as easy as checking the setting on the thermostat. It could also be that a thermostat is set to fan or cool or even off, when it’s supposed to be set to heat. Maybe one of the kiddos played with the buttons or the dial. If you have a thermostat programmed to different cycles, then it’s possible that a trip in the circuit breaker could erase the settings.

If you didn’t have your furnace serviced prior to the winter season, then there are several components which are likely culprits. First the ignition switch, which in most modern furnaces is nothing more than a thin piece of metal. If a service technician determines the ignition switch as the cause, it’s a fairly simple and quick fix. There are also computer boards and safety switches within the furnace—sometimes a faulty safety switch can tell a furnace to turn off too soon. The furnace’s burners may be dirty—something that could have been handled with routine service (remember to get that yearly service!). The furnace’s blower, or even one of its belts, may also have a problem—something that should be easily diagnosed by one of the expert HVAC technicians at R&T Services.

Luckily, this winter season, you have R&T Services ready to help with all of your furnace needs.