As the weather warms up, it’s easy to see the draw of the outdoor living space. It’s fresh, and totally customizable, from the decor to the lighting and the seating. Below are our tips for creating the best possible patio, porch, or veranda–of course completed with a custom firepit.

  1. Choose the right spot. You want a space that’s big enough for large gathering of friends and family, but cozy enough to curl up solo. The easiest way to create a center focus is to gather chairs and seating around one spot (firepit, table, even a sculpture or fountain). Leave one side “open” to invite people to sit down without feeling trapped.
  2. Use innovative lighting. Don’t think that the lighting all has to come from a custom firepit, or even from side lamps or outdoor flood lights. Hang patio lights or electric lanterns from trees, run LEDs under a table top, or wrap lights around posts or furniture legs. Be as creative as you want (but always be safe around electricity).
  3. Get some throw pillows. Not because they’re the most comfortable, but because they can make an outdoor space cohesive. You don’t have to match even piece of furniture and cover exactly, but pulling everything together is easy with the same color scheme and some matching throw pillows. (Pssst–pick some up second hand…they’re going to be outside, after all.)
  4. Start gaming. Build an oversized checkers board out of black and white tiles, build a horseshoe pit, or go crazy and opt for a bocce ball set up. Any games you remember loving as a kid are just as fun as adults (bonus points for anyone who puts in a tether ball court).
  5. Show off what you love. If you’re an avid gardener, line up your wartering cans. More a football family? Those pig skins look better displayed than in a box in your garage. Take anything that you’re a fan of and bring it to the forefront. The more you make your space about you, the more you’ll want to use it.
  6. Start planting. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can take a shot at making your backyard a lush oasis. Window boxes hung on back windows, full ground cover, or sweet blooms can all make your outdoor living space a more inviting place to be. Kill everything? Try bouquets of silk flowers on the tables.
  7. Add some water… Use a fountain, water feature, or pond to create a soothing sound, and interest to your back yard space.
  8. …and some fire. Warm up with a custom firepit, and see what the hype is all about. At R & T services, we want you to have the best, most cohesive back yard living space, and that includes a firepit that you love. Whether you’re into clean a modern or rustic, we have the ability to give you exactly what you want in your space. Take some time to chat with us about your backyard dreams, and let us build you the best firepit!