It’s almost summertime. That means plenty of days where the temps soar above eighty degrees and our air cooling units are working hard. But what happens when an air cooling unit begins to make noise? Yes, most units do make some amount of acceptable noise: fans inside the unit hum and spin while the unit is working. But what happens when you hear a sound that’s unique and strange? When the sound is nothing at all like the pleasant hum of the unit coming to or turning off? Here’s a few of the most common types of sounds, and the possible diagnosis for each.

You hear a metal on metal sound; a sound that could also be described as a strange clicking (An example as a comparison: the repetitive clicking sound of a baseball card stuck between bike spokes). Oftentimes this particular sound is the fan blades striking something. There could be something caught in the inner-workings of the unit. Sometimes dirt or small rocks may get caught in the works. A unit could develop a layer of ice—another problem altogether.

The ticking sound could also be something within the unit that has loosened. Even the most reliable air cooling unit ages, and, as it ages, the inner workings begin to break down naturally. Sometimes it’s as simple as a part that’s been loosed slightly and now sits out of place; the constant motion of the fan blades may eventually shake another part out of place.

If you are worried about a sound your air cooling unit makes, then it’s best to turn the unit off immediately. You don’t want a small problem to develop into a big problem. You can turn the unit off at the fuse box. And with the machine turned off then you can call the air cooling professionals at R and T Services. If you have any questions about your own Air Cooling Unit, or would like to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, then call R and T Services today.