Warm-weather months are the times to host evening backyard parties, work in your garden, and show off your curb appeal. With the snow melted and warmer days ahead, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home to be a more welcoming and relaxing place for your family and friends.

There are some spring home maintenance tasks that you need to consider before you start party planning. These seven spring tips for sprucing up your property are best done before the sizzling days of summer arrive.

1. Schedule Your Billings AC Maintenance

Nothing puts the brakes on summer fun like a broken air conditioning (AC) unit. Stop AC issues before they happen by scheduling preventative maintenance for your system.

Your Billings air conditioner technician will check your unit’s refrigerant levels, condenser coils, and wiring. He or she will also lubricate moving parts to reduce premature wear. Since your AC impacts indoor air quality, scheduling bi-annual maintenance for it is one of the most important ways to prepare your home for spring.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Your gutter system is one of your home’s most underappreciated exterior features. When gutters are clogged, your roof is vulnerable to rot and pest infestation. Get your home ready for spring by cleaning your gutters to avoid the unwanted stress that comes with backed-up gutters during the rainy Spring season.

While it’s safer to hire a professional for this spring home maintenance chore, you can do-it-yourself with some standard equipment and the help of a friend. Gather work gloves, a ladder, and a water hose to begin the project. Inspect your gutters for damage and nesting pests.

Carefully move along your entire gutter system to remove accumulated debris. Ask your helper to hand you the garden hose and to turn on the spigot. The water will clear any debris that you couldn’t reach by hand.

3. Spring Cleaning to Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping clean from common indoor pollutants and grime is of primary importance when hosting out-of-town relatives and other guests. Prepare home for spring gatherings by giving your house a thorough deep cleaning.

Choose cleaning products that are endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency for destroying various types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Scrub walls, baseboards, and hard-surface floors.

To further prepare home for spring, get your carpets professionally cleaned. Consider repainting rooms with antimicrobial paint to get a fresh look while preventing the spread of germs on surfaces.

4. Check the Foundation of Your Home

Out of all of the spring tips that are described here, inspecting your home’s foundation is the one that can save you thousands of dollars in future home renovations.

Prepare your home for spring by checking for cracks in your foundation walls. While you are checking your home’s outdoor foundation, you should also remove leaves and other debris from under your porch and other spaces that unwelcome rodents could nest.

These cracks indicate a shifting foundation. Take note of your surrounding lawn. You want a yard that allows water to drain away from your home’s foundation to avoid damage caused by standing water.

5. Test Smoke Alarms

A list of spring tips wouldn’t be complete without testing smoke alarms. These tests are essential to prepare home for spring and to save lives all year. Make sure smoke alarms have adequate power.

Wired systems usually have battery backup, and you should replace the batteries in all of your smoke alarms as a spring home maintenance activity. Get home ready for spring by also checking your carbon monoxide detectors.

6. Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Preparing your home for spring often means venturing outdoors. As college kids and other relatives come home for spring and summer vacations, you’ll want to make full use of your outdoor living spaces.

Nothing says “you’re welcome to stay for a while” like bright, clean outdoor furnishings. Depending on your chosen type of outdoor furniture, you can clean your tables, chairs, and seat cushions with gentle cleansers that you likely already have in your utility cabinet.

7. Repair Window & Door Screens

A mild breeze that offers fresh air through open windows and doors is one of the best things about spring. If you enjoy airing out your home in this way, repairing window and door screens are the spring tips that will interest you the most.

Window and door screens are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass materials. It’s common for these screens to develop small holes or tears with continued use over many years. These openings give annoying insects entrance into your home.

Patching holes and repairing tears in window and door screens are inexpensive spring home maintenance activities that’ll give you and your family lots of comfort and enjoyment season after season.

Billings Homeowners Tips To A Great Spring & Summer!

After shaking off the cold-weather blues of winter, you’ll be tempted to take off on an excursion that lets you enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of spring. Save your money and use the time to prepare your home for spring and summer fun.

These spring tips for home maintenance help to ensure that you and your family have a safe, comfortable environment for work and play.