Warming Up Your Outdoor Living Space With A Custom Fire Pit!

Homeowners in Billings, MT are looking for the best ways to improve their home’s outdoor living space to host better parties and relax with their family. We talk with many homeowners about how they can create an outdoor area that is welcoming and relaxing outdoor space. You have a lot to consider when choosing a fire pit, and the top 5 things you will need to ask yourself are:

  • Permanent vs. portable fire pits. What type of fire pit is best for your outdoor living space?
  • Woodfire pits vs gas fire pits. What type of fuel should you choose for your custom fire pit?
  • Where to place your fire pit for safe use throughout the year.
  • How to place seating around your outdoor fire pit.
  • How to light your fire pit safely before each use.

The hot trend in residential architectural design is to create outdoor living spaces that are just as enjoyable as indoor living rooms. When planning a cozy and inviting indoor space, many designers can’t resist including a fireplace in their living room layouts.

An outdoor fire pit can add the same ambiance to your outdoor living room. R & T Services are fire pit experts and we help our Billings customers get the most out of their home with a custom fire pit. Here are the top 5 things you will need to consider when buying a fire pit:

Your family will be able to relax and socialize throughout the year around a warm and attractive custom fire pit. You will be the envy of the town when people see your great backyard ready for get-togethers.

Here are five things to consider before buying a new backyard fire pit!

Warm Up With A Custom Firepit!

On the fence about a new fire pit? Learn all the benefits your home is missing out on!

1. Permanent vs. Portable Fire Pits

It’s easy to see why so many Billings residents are getting an outdoor fire pit since there are so many benefits offered by a fire pit. Benefits offered by a fire pit range from heating a patio during the fall to being the center of the action during a summer soiree.

However, before buying a custom fire pit of your own, you’ll need to assess whether a permanent or a portable fire pit better suits your family’s needs. The first thing that you will need to consider when buying a fire pit is if you want the fire pit to be permanent or portable. Here are the main differences between these two types of fire pits:

Permanent Fire Pits

Permanent fire pits are dug into the ground or firmly attached to your yard with masonry. They require careful site selection that takes into account nearby combustible materials and trip hazards. Permanent fire pits are usually integrated components of backyard landscaping.

Portable Custom Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are freestanding fire pits that you can move to different locations around your yard. If you haven’t yet committed to a particular landscape layout, a portable fire pit gives you the flexibility that you need to create instant warmth and fun wherever you need it in your yard. Many portable fire pits are also designed for backyard and camping use and come with cooking features.

We have found that many Billings homeowners choose a permanent fire pit for their backyard. Not only are permanent fire pits more customizable, but they also offer different safety features not found in portable fire pits. You can talk with our fire pit experts today to learn what option is best for you and your family!

2. Wood-Fire vs. Gas Fire Pits

Fire pits are fueled by either wood or gas- each option offers their own pros and cons and you should talk with a fire pit expert to understand what type of fire pit is best for your home. Here is a quick overview of the benefits offered by each type of customer fire pit.

Wood Fire Pits

Woodfire pits offer an authentic look and feel that can’t be completely duplicated by gas fire pits. While you can buy one that fits your landscape decor, wood fire pits are also easy to construct, and fuel is relatively cheap (often free if you have extra firewood!). If you want an outdoor fire pit that doubles as an outdoor kitchen oven, then you’ll want to consider buying a wood backyard fire pit.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits give regulated warmth and light to an outdoor living area with a flip of a switch. Depending on your chosen model, gas fire pits run on propane or natural gas.

Many people love gas fire pits because they operate cleaner than wood fire pits. They’re ideal if you don’t want to send your guests home smelling like a campfire. You can also choose a gas fire pit if you are looking for a fire pit that you can use throughout the year without having to worry about gathering firewood to fuel the fire.

Gas Fire Pits are also easier to maintain and light, so if you’re not able to light a traditional wood fireplace then you should consider buying a gas fire pit.

Confused About Fire Pits?

Our team of fire pit experts are here for you. Talk to our techs about what you are looking for to find the right fire pit for your home today!

3. Where to Safely Place Backyard Fire Pits

While an outdoor fire pit can add value to your property and boost your quality of life, it can also be a source of harm if it’s set up or used improperly. Careful site selection is the key to fire pit safety. Choose an open area that’s at least 10 feet from tree limbs and structures that could catch fire from an errant ember.

Don’t place a wood backyard fire pit on your deck. While some gas fire pits can be safely installed on a wood deck, many local building regulations prohibit the practice.

You’ll want to select a site for your outdoor fire pit that includes room for people to sit and walk around it safely.

4. Backyard Seating and Lighting Around Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits come in a variety of styles that include round, oval, square, and rectangle shapes. All of them are usually designed to be entirely surrounded by seating. Your choice of backyard seating depends on your personal preferences and landscape design.

Permanent outdoor fire pits often have a mix of comfortable chairs and built-in hardscape seating. You’ll often see a series of colorful lawn chairs surrounding portable propane backyard fire pits.

Since outdoor fire pits are often used at night, installing sufficient lighting is an important part of fire pit safety. A good lighting choice for fire pits is seat wall lights. These lights are integrated into the hardscape seating areas that surround patio fire pits.

Most backyard fire pits are reached via paved paths. Installing pathway lighting near stone pavers and stairs adds an element of safety to backyard gatherings around fire pits.

5. Safety First: Check Your Surroundings Before Lighting a Fire Pit

Before lighting a backyard fire pit, you’ll want to make sure that nearby areas are free of combustible materials. Avoid placing portable fire pits near fences, trees, or sheds. Check surrounding weather conditions and postpone your party if winds are high.

Accidents happen, but you need to do your best to ensure that your outdoor fire pit is placed properly to avoid unnecessary risks.

Look around fire pits to make sure safety items such as fire extinguishers and water hoses are ready to douse a runaway fire.

Get The Most From Your Home With A Custom Fire Pit!

Your yard reflects your lifestyle. Installing a fire pit in your backyard helps you to welcome guests and create a warm atmosphere for informal gatherings of family members and close friends.

The right outdoor fire pit will deliver a safe, enjoyable focal point to your backyard for years to come. Our fire pit experts are ready to show your the different models available and which fire pit is best for your backyard today!

Impress Your Friends & Family!

A backyard fire pit is the best way to make your home stand out! Ask us how to make your backyard even better!

Backyard Fire Pit FAQs

Where should you put a fire pit in your backyard?

You should place your backyard fire pit at least 10 feet from your home. You should have the firepit a safe distance from trees, tall brush, and other flammable materials.

Is it legal to have a backyard fire pit?

Yes. Fire pits are perfectly legal to put in your backyard, and they are also a great way to improve your home’s value!

What is the point of a custom backyard fire pit?
A fire pit offers a warm and welcoming place for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Plus, a custom fire pit instantly makes any home look and feel better!