Is AC Preventative Maintenance Really Worth It?

On a humid Billings summer day, your air conditioning system is the difference between a comfortable home and a sauna. When everything works properly, your system hums away in the background pushing cool air throughout your house.

Air conditioning preventative maintenance is an essential service because it keeps your Billings home at a nice and cool temperature. Preventative AC maintenance ensures that your AC unit runs efficiently, and does not break down when you need it the most.


Is Your AC On The Fritz?

Don’t let your home’s AC unit break down during hot summer days. Now is the time to get your AC checked out!

Why Is AC Preventative Maintenance Important?

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life, and preventative maintenance plans keep your A/C working throughout heat seasons. Annual AC preventative maintenance keeps your home cool while also improving your indoor air quality. An HVAC professional will provide necessary oversight and repairs during your annual maintenance call and check various parts of the unit like:

  • Blower Motor
  • Gas Pressure
  • Fan Blades
  • Condensation Drain
  • Remove Buildup Of Particles

Now that we have an overview of what HVAC professionals look at during an AC preventative maintenance call, let’s take a closer look at what exactly a HVAC pro will look at for your AC unit this year!

1. Prevents Emergency Repairs

You may not realize that something is wrong with your air conditioner until your home is already uncomfortable. Many HVAC companies charge more if they have to come to your location on an evening or a weekend.

Instead of risking your family’s health and happiness, you should choose to have regular AC system maintenance. During these HVAC service calls, your technician can make sure that your air conditioner is ready for the season ahead.

2. Diagnoses Electrical Problems

At your AC maintenance appointment, the technician will check all of the electrical connections to make sure that nothing is loose.

A simple broken connection can cause an unexpected repair call. Not only can this call cost you lots of money (see the previous point), but it could also mean that your family has to suffer through a hot Billings summer day without AC.

Preventative AC maintenance will also allow your HVAC technician can also check the voltage on motors and other components to make sure that nothing is close to failure.


Keep Your Home Cool

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3. Addresses Impending Issues

Your air conditioning system works hard throughout the cooling season to give you and your family the comfort you need. However, the wear and tear of regular operation will take its toll over time.

An experienced technician can see the signs of a potential problem before they happen with regular preventative AC maintenance calls. By making these repairs, you can avoid a breakdown later on.

Also, many companies charge a lower repair rate for preventative repairs at a scheduled appointment.

4. Keeps Equipment Under Warranty

Most manufacturers guarantee their equipment for several years after purchase. However, they often require proof of an annual AC maintenance visit when you submit a claim. This kind of service is a fundamental way of caring for your system. If you fail to make the appointment, you may forfeit the benefits of your warranty.

5. Extends System Life

Routine AC preventative maintenance keeps your system functioning at its best. Most air conditioners are made to last about a decade. Regular maintenance can extend that period and give you extra seasons of comfort. This helps you get the best return on your initial investment. The longer it lasts, the lower the cost over time!

6. Keeps Your Home Safe

An air conditioner that is not running correctly can have some nasty side effects. Failing machines may blow smoke through your ductwork, or cause mold issues if left unchecked for too long.

Homeowners in Billings, MT, know the importance of a comfortable home on hot summer days. Did you also know that having a cool house in the summer is actually good for your health? It’s true- an AC unit that is operating inconsistently can create temperature changes that stress your immune system.


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7. Cleans the Whole System

Since much of your air conditioning system is outdoors, it can collect dust, pollen, and other pollutants. When these substances coat the outdoor parts of your system, you will lose power and efficiency.

The main fan will spin slowly. The condenser coils are not as effective when dirty. During each AC maintenance visit, the technician will remove much of the accumulated dust, which will free up any moving parts and keep the system running at peak performance.

8. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

When you have an air conditioner that is operating at high efficiency, it takes less energy to cool your home.

Any reduction in the amount of power you use means a lower environmental impact. Regular AC preventative maintenance is an important way that you can improve the health of the planet. This means that regular AC maintenance by a professional HVAC technician can help save the planet and your wallet!

9. Prevents Mold Growth

The process of cooling your home generates moisture. In a unit that is running properly, water is channeled away from the system.

However, if dirt and dust block the drainage system, water will accumulate in the bottom of the unit. This water, plus the warm air that is pushed outdoors can lead to mold growth in your system.

Your air conditioner may be drawing mold spores into your home every time it runs. Your technician will make sure that everything is flowing as it should at your air conditioning preventative maintenance visit.

10. Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

Controlling the humidity in your home is an important function of your AC system. Moist air not only encourages mold, but it also creates a favorable climate for dust mites.

Moisture in the air can also lead to a coating of dust and grime in your ductwork. Whenever your HVAC systems run throughout the year, they will blow these irritants into your home air. AC system maintenance will help preserve a healthy atmosphere in your home.


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11. Resets Settings to Ideal Levels

Billings has cold winters and hot summers. This means that your AC equipment has to deal with cool temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer. The components of your system will expand and contract with the changes in climate.

The vibration of normal operation can also affect the system. These subtle changes throw off your system’s thermostat settings over time. A knowledgeable technician will reset them to run at their best.

12. Increases Your AC Efficiency

When your system runs at high efficiency, it is less expensive and more consistent. It will also operate at a quieter level because it does not have to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature.

At your air conditioning preventative maintenance appointment, your technician will make many small adjustments that will keep the system at its best level of operation.

13. Gives Season-Long Home Comfort

If you do not have to think about your air conditioner, it means that it is doing its job consistently. AC preventative maintenance gives you peace of mind knowing that your home will be cool and comfortable throughout the summer months.

It is better to schedule this important service than to worry about the next system failure.

14. Lowers Long-Term Cost of Operation

All the benefits of air conditioning preventative maintenance add up to long-term savings. Your annual cost of operation will decrease as your unit efficiency increases.

The long-term cost of the unit will decrease as it is spread over extra cooling seasons. The benefits of HVAC preventative maintenance for your AC system, home, and family are well worth the cost of the appointment.

Get Your AC Preventative Maintenance Today!

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and your AC system keeps you and your family safe during the hot Summer days in Billings. Now is the time to schedule air conditioning preventative maintenance to keep your home safe and comfortable for everyone.

If you have not scheduled AC system maintenance in the past few months, then be sure to talk to a professional HVAC technician today to ensure you save as much money as possible on your air conditioning bill this Summer!

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Is it necessary to service my AC every year?

Yes! Your AC is a crucial part of your home during the hot months of a summer in Billings. Annual AC maintenance can prevent expensive repairs and keep your family safe throughout the year!

What can I expect during an AC maintenance call?

Some people are wary of having strangers in their home, and this can delay when and how often homeowners call for professional HVAC services. Here is what you should expect from an AC maintenance call

  1. Meet The Technician
  2. Indoor Inspections
  3. Outdoor Inspections
What are the most common reasons for AC breakdowns?

Here are some of the most common issues Billings A/C units experience and can cause your home’s AC unit to stop working properly:

  1. Fault AC wiring
  2. Your AC unit is low on refrigerant
  3. Your AC fan is not working properly
  4. Your outdoor air conditioner is not working
  5. Your AC coil is frozen
  6. Dirty condenser coils
  7. Leaking ducts
  8. Clogged drains