Pets and Your HVAC System

Pet hair affects a home’s HVAC system. Whether you know it or not your pet’s hair and dander is getting cycled into the HVAC system. What does this mean for the homeowner? Pet hair can negatively affect your home’s HVAC system. But, thankfully, with a little diligence you can prevent any problems from occurring.

Air Filter

Your pet’s hair most affects your HVAC system’s filter. For those of you with pets, you will have to (probably) change out your air filter frequently. And like your dog’s coat, the amount of pet hair getting stuck in the filter will be seasonal. In wintertime, some pets carry a heavier coat to keep them warm, and when the spring rolls around all that hair is coming loose to help the animal stay cool in the warmer months. People tend to remember the air filter in the wintertime, because the furnace runs throughout the cold season, but sometimes they forget to change out the air filter when the weather turns warm. You should be checking that air filter every few months—yes, some efficient filters do last for six months or more, but they still should be checked—because a clogged or dirty filter will deteriorate your HVAC system itself, and cause the system to run less efficiently, costing you more in energy costs.

Pet Dander

Make sure that you are keeping your pet clean. In the spring months, your pet can bring in allergens on its hair and then, consequently, shed that hair throughout your house. Make sure that you are brushing your pet, removing any of its excess hair. Also try to keep the house clean. Remember that your house’s ductwork is made of metal, and metal, by nature, tends to attract pet hair. You may want to have your ducts cleaned, especially if you have pets and haven’t had your ductwork cleaned out in years.

If you have any questions to which air filter will work best for your HVAC system, of if you need to have your HVAC system serviced—also an important part of keeping your HVAC system running efficiently—then call R&T Services today!