Furnace HVAC Repair or Replace… When Is It Time?

Unfortunately, furnaces don’t last forever, and even the most robust systems should only last between fifteen to twenty years. Yes, some furnaces will outlast that lifespan, while others may go before their time. If your furnace is young, the key to keeping it working in tip top shape is to have the professionals at R and T Services perform the necessary routine maintenance. It will also be important to regularly replace the furnace filter. But if your furnace is beyond fifteen years, it may be exhibiting certain symptoms that indicate it will soon be time for replacement. Here’s a few symptoms to look for.

An aging furnace will deteriorate, and the first sign is a decrease in efficiency. If you notice a sudden leap in energy usage, it may be time to call the professionals at R and T Services to take a look.

Another red flag that a furnace is deteriorating is when it struggles to maintain a temperature. Yes, this could also be a sign that there are issues within the furnace itself, and a quick tune up with a professional will solve those issues, but it could also be a sign that the furnace itself is at the end of its life.

The furnace filter is also a good indicator of the health of your furnace. If your furnace filter is constantly dirty, even when you’ve recently replaced the filter—remember that a furnace filter should be replaced every month or two, depending on usage—it may be a sign of a deteriorating condition within the furnace itself.

If you have any questions about how to keep your furnace in top shape, or if you would like to schedule a maintenance visit by the professionals at R and T Services before the summer season arrives, then call today.