Fire Pit Ideas

Build your backyard in to a luxurious living space with these quick fire pit ideas.

  • Create an outside focal point with a fire pit built against a wall. This classic look is reminiscent of an indoor fireplace and makes an automatic conversation starter.
  • Double up the gold with beautiful decorative grasses planted (a safe distance away) around your fire pit.
  • Keep light the focus with well lights, which cast shadows and mimic the warmth of the fire pit.
  • Go modern with an angular fire pit that steals the show even unlit.
  • If space is at a premium in your yard, opt for a ceramic or built in fire bowl, where you can enjoy fire without the space.
  • Take a more rustic approach and have your fire pit built straight in to the ground with seating around it.
  • Keep the campfire look, but more modern with low ground cover plants, fresh herbs, and modern seating.
  • Bring the inside out and mimic your kitchen with a tiled and towering fire pit.
  • Double your outside living space with a sunken fire pit built in to an expansive deck.
  • Play with shapes–build a round fire pit and surround it with structural furniture, or have a sharp-edged fire pit nestled in a hillside.
  • Keep it simple with a fire pit surrounded by lush plants and plenty of room to gather.
  • Open fire is the quickest way to congregate outside–keep it open and welcoming with lots of cushions and seating.
  • Curve your seating around a round fire pit–stone or curved wood benches are both good choices.
  • Play with colors! Mimic the warm tones of a fire, add colored glass, or contrast it with blues and greens in your furniture.
  • If you have multiple seating areas, it may be easier to invest in a portable fire pit.
  • A level fire pit can be covered with a polished slab of wood to transform it in to extra seating, a table, or storage.
  • Split up your back yard with a low, nestled fire pit circled with comfortable seating and a separate eating level.
  • Take it all outside with seating, cooking, and entertaining on your patio–pull out blankets and start up the fire pit as the night gets cooler.
  • Put a fire pit at the end of a winding path through beautiful plants to make it a discovery for your guests.
  • Tuck a triangular fire pit in to a corner of your patio.
  • Build a beach in your backyard with a sunken fire pit surrounded by grasses, structural plants, and inviting beach sand.
  • Build a complete outdoor fireplace, complete with a hearth and chimney.

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