Fall Furnace Prep: Cooler Weather is Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe but it’s already time to start planning ahead to fall. Yes, we hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the summer (August’s Dog-Days of Summer are soon upon us, and the dry hot weather leaves little room for thoughts of the cooler temps to come) but one thing to being a homeowner is to plan ahead. And planning ahead means making an appointment to have your furnace (HVAC system) checked and maintained by an HVAC professional at R and T Services.

There are also a few steps you can take ahead of schedule, if you like. First, if you didn’t replace the furnace filter at the end of the winter/spring season (It’s a good idea in the event that you get a Montana weather surprise and need to turn on your furnace on an unexpectedly cool day) then it’s time to replace the filter. Remember to check the correct orientation of the filter (the orientation is usually labeled on the filter with arrows that indicate the correct orientation/direction) placing the filter in the filter box near the blower. A clean filter will ensure that your furnace runs efficiently, but also that it won’t inadvertently let loose the allergens from the end of last winter/spring upon the house. Remember also that it’s good practice to replace a dirty furnace filter whenever it’s dirty; a dirty furnace filter will only cause your furnace to run inefficiently, and when a furnace is inefficient it could wear and break down prematurely.

Trust the Qualified Professionals at R and T Services…

The HVAC professionals at R and T Services will likely be able to both clean the inside of your furnace and inspect it for any potential shortcomings. This means that when they check the capabilities of the furnace, they will notice if there’s a component that is operating inefficiently, or they may notice when a component is already showing signs that it’s wearing down, detect the problem before it becomes a major issue. If you have any questions as to how R and T Services can help you with any and all of your HVAC needs, then call today.