Commercial HVAC

The cost to heat most office and retail spaces is considerable; the open square footage in many of these units presents certain challenges for a large-scale HVAC system. And, unfortunately, much of the energy that gets produced by an HVAC system in these spaces is wasted—it’s estimated that up to thirty-percent (More in some cases). So, when a business becomes more efficient, the reduced energy bill will both reduce the cost of doing business and also bolster the environmental initiatives.

Remember to regularly change HVAC filters. A dirty filter is responsible for both poor indoor air quality and inefficient operation. HVAC filters should be checked on a regular basis—once a month in most cases. Regular filter changes will keep your HVAC system operating more efficiently, reducing energy costs up to ten-percent.

A business needs a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can be set to a constant temperature to meet the needs of everyone in the office and it eliminates the need for guesswork. And, perhaps most importantly, programmable thermostats can be set for the entire seven-day week, which means that when the business is closed the thermostat can lower the temperature to below operating temps. The costs savings can add up to hundreds of dollars every year.

Regular maintenance to your businesses HVAC system is another way to ensure that your HVAC system is in quality working order, operating efficiently. And oftentimes your experienced R and T Services HVAC technician can fix the small problems before they become larger ones. A proactive approach to HVAC maintenance can save your business serious money—hundreds of dollars every year. And in addition to fixing any potential problems to your businesses HVAC system, your R and T HVAC technician can also provide invaluable guidance in how to maintain your HVAC system, and any possible trouble areas (leaky ducts, improperly insulated duct work, etc.) optimizing the performance.

If you have any questions as to how R and T Services can help with your commercial HVAC needs, optimizing your HVAC system to your particular business needs, then call today.