Building a Succulent Garden

At R & T, we’re about the whole package. Read on to learn how we built an outdoor hanging succulent wall garden. We’re sure that this simple weekend project will add color, dimension, and life to your back yard!

If you’re ready to bring a fun and modern twist to your outdoor living space, it’s time to look into horizontal gardens, specifically the succulent kind. Drought-hardy and “in,” succulents have taken the internet by storm and are popular across demographics. These tough and lovely plants are hard to kill, easy to care for, and beautiful to look at–watch out black thumbs, you may just have met your match!

  • Pick a space for your vertical garden. You don’t want anything too close to a fire pit or a water feature, but be sure to pick a spot with plenty of sun, and relatively protected from strong winds. Measure out your space and start planning where you want the garden to rest. Keep in mind the traffic and seating layout of the area; don’t build anything down a narrow hallway or too close to seating.
  • Pick out some pretty plants. Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These plants are basically modern art. Go to a local green house, nursery, or big box store and pick out some favorites. Look for complimentary colors, interesting shapes, and plants that will thrive in the location you picked out. If you have a friend with lots of succulents, now is the time to stop by with a gift and a plea for some cuttings.
  • Build your frame. Choose pressure treated wood for the best bet against weather and water, and take your time building. You’ll need to build an inner frame first, then sandwich chicken wire between it and an outer frame (think re-purposed picture frame). Run landscaping fabric along the inside flush against the chicken wire, fill with dirt, and add a solid wood back. Be sure to utilize proper hanging hardware (alternatively, you could lean it against a wall).
  • Lay the plants out and find the best design before planting. You can either alternate rows or create different plant clusters, depending on your style. Take the time to gently cut holes in the landscaping fabric and plant each cutting, but don’t spend all day on it–these hardy plants will be fully rooted in about a month.
  • Hang your frame in a fully secure way–you do not want it to fall! Use simple hardware that allows you to take it down frequently for watering, weeding, and trimming.

If you’re interested in more ways to turn your backyard in to a true outdoor living space, R & T is here to help. We want to work with you every step of the way to transform your space, with design ideas, and the most beautiful custom firepits and fire places available. If you’re ready to update your space and upgrade your home, contact us today and see all the services we can offer you.