Add a Water Feature and Cool Off

At R & T, we talk a lot about fires, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a water feature every now and then, especially when it’s part of a beautiful outdoor living space. Whether you want a koi pond, a bubbling fountain, or a waterfall center piece, we want you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Below are our tips for creating an outdoor living space water feature.

  • Start day dreaming! Decide what you want in your backyard and where you want to see it. Keep it close by to hear it in your home through open windows, or tuck a fountain away at the end of a path for a cool surprise.
  • Even the smallest spaces can support a mini-fountain, especially when it’s packing a lot of impact. If you’re really cramped for space, try a table-top or wall-hung fountain with a smaller motor and a water recycling system.
  • Go big or go…home? If you’re looking for something truly unique, try a fish pond! Koi ponds are perfect for adding some energy to a space without crowding out the rest of your pieces. Keep in mind that these are live animals, though. If you love the look but not the upkeep, throw some beautiful water flowers in and enjoy the same peaceful vibe.
  • Keep things moving with some running water. Whether you want to break out and utilize you large-scale backyard as a backdrop to a man-made stream, or want to break it up on a small scale with a bubbler, running water is a familiar, soothing sound that is sure to transform your outdoor living space.
  • Rush home to your own rushing waterfall! Keep the noise factor in mind, and don’t overdo it, but the repetitive rushing of water over stone, concrete, or metal can be soothing and calming, even in a city.
  • With all this Big Sky space, some of us may have the opportunity to build a lake or pond right in our backyard. At R & T, we say¬†go for it! These work-intensive spaces are perfect for setting up furniture, a beautiful and functional fire pit, and truly claiming the outdoors as a new living space.

Whether you’re planning to hang a delicate fountain or looking in to creating your own family lake, a water feature in your outdoor living space is sure to create the perfect ambiance and reinforce why you moved outside in the first place.

As always, carefully consider what will go in to designing your space; this is doubly true for water features, which necessitate drainage and grading to prevent flooding or water damage. Some of these projects really should be left to the pros.

When you’re ready to start designing your space, contact us and see what we can add to make your backyard your new living room. At R & T, we want everyone to enjoy living in the fresh air, and we want to help you build the space of your dreams. Contact us today and see what we can do yo help you!